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Finding Time To Exercise

Finding Time To Exercise : 5 Tips for Busy Professionals to Stay Fit & Maintain Long Term Health & Wellbeing

Looking for answers on how fit exercise into your schedule? In this article, we offer 5 top tips for busy professionals to stay fit and maintain their health.


Embracing A Niche… Isn’t this excluding people?

Yes, hands up, you’ve got us… we only train a very specific niche.

99% of the clients we train are female, aged between 32-67 years of age, and large majority of them are parents.

Fundamentally and foremost we work with our clients on regaining and maintaining their health, fitness and wellbeing in supportive environments.

Training in the heat

Training in the Heat: 6 Safety Tips for Training in Summer

With warmer weather, your body’s core temperature increases, and it has to work harder to regulate it. Your heart has to pump faster to deal with the stress of the temperature and your movement. I know, as if the working out wasn’t challenging enough by itself!

Remember, if you feel unwell at any time when training in the heat, step out of the sun (and the session) and get to the shade.

How to get back into exercise

5 Myths About Fitness and Exercise Debunked & How To Get Back Into Exercise The Right Way

Fitness and exercise are crucial components of a healthy lifestyle, but there are a lot of misconceptions and myths that can make it difficult to know how to get back into exercise the right way.