If You Are Over 40… Build Strength First

If you are over 40, female, and peri / menopausal, your ONLY health and fitness goal this year should be to build strength.

Firstly though, how has your New Year Resolution gone so far?

If you have gone off track already that is probably a good thing. 

Because that is real life. 

Aiming for 100% perfect is wholly unrealistic and setting yourself up to fail. 

If what you are doing right now (or what you were trying to do) is not sustainable for the next six months, your plan / programme is not right for you.

And when it comes to your plan for this year, if you are:

>>> Female

>>> Over 40

>>> Peri / Menopausal

Your sole goal for this year should be to build strength over fat loss.

Women over 40 need to train (workout) to build muscle. 

After the age of 45, you will start losing muscle mass rapidly. 

If you are not training with resistance (using weights and working with resistance heavier than body weight)…

Then you will not even be maintaining muscle mass, let alone building muscle. 

Less muscle = Lower metabolism. 

Lower metabolism = Less calories burned = more fat storage.

The purpose of your workouts should no longer be to burn calories. 

The focus should be on building muscle and getting stronger. 

You will feel SO MUCH better. 

Building muscle gives you body shape too. 

If you have excess body fat to lose, you can lose this at the same time by eating correctly to support your training. 

This doesn't mean eating dust or starving yourself. 

If you are ‘dieting' all the time…

You won't be able to put on the muscle you need.

And you won't lose the unwanted fat either. 

You need to adopt the mindset of an athlete, not of a serial dieter. 

An athlete is healthy, toned, strong and has loads of energy. 

An athletes eat plenty and trains consistently… and works out to build strength. 

A dieter deprives themselves of essential and desperately needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients (and calories). 

A dieter can't workout correctly as they don't have the energy (or calories!) to do it at the level needed to build muscle. 

Dieter = boring food, low energy levels, low mood and very slow metabolism. 

If dieters do lose weight they just become a slightly smaller apple or pear. No toning or firmness in sight!

Dieting also doesn't allow you to have a social life. 

I read one diet recently that suggested that when you go out socially to:

“…drink a [brand] shake and have a glass of sparkling water while your friends eat. You might get a few funny looks or comments, but that’s their problem, not yours. Better still invite them around to yours for dinner and eat a [brand] meal whilst your friends eat the meal you have cooked them.”

LOL… that is not a life in my book!

It is also ALL completely unnecessary.

So whether your New Year Resolution is long gone, on the wain, or you've realised now that the goal was wrong for you… 

Now is the time to build strength.

If you would like to have a chat about the type of training you need to be doing to support your goals, don't waste another day doing the wrong thing…