The new rules of menopausal fat loss

Do the rules of fat loss change during menopause? 

The answer is yes, and no.

The way that your body burns and stores fat changes with menopause.

But the same fat loss principles still apply with a few unique changes and considerations.  

Here’s what I mean…

In any phase of menopause there are a lot of changes taking place…

Your hormones change and store more fat. 

Your metabolism burns less calories and fat.

Your sleep gets disrupted and increases food cravings. 

Your energy levels plummet which reduces activity levels.

Each one of these changes would be tough on their own…

However, for any woman experiencing a few (or all) of these it can turn your life, and fat loss goals upside down.

The good news is…

You can take back control of your life, and fat loss with what I call:

The Plan B Rules Of Menopausal Fat Loss


Eat to maintain your weight for 3-4 weeks:

Constantly trying to eat too little robs your body of the raw materials and nutrients it needs for proper hormone production.

This also creates internal stress that tells your metabolism to lower the amount of fat you’re burning on a daily basis. 

Instead, eat at maintenance calories to send a strong signal to your body to boost hormone, and metabolic function.

The boost in hormone and metabolic functions sets you up to lose more fat with less effort when you go into a reduced calorie phase. 

You’ll notice that eating at maintenance for a few weeks also improves your sleep and energy levels. 

Second, prioritise strength training

Don’t worry, you won’t get bulky from strength training.

You don't have enough testosterone to build bulky muscle.

It's aslo an urban myth created by the supplement industry to sell more products to women. 

What really happens when you strength train as a menopausal woman is you build a more toned and defined body…

Using strength training to build muscle is like the fountain of youth for menopausal women because…

It increases your metabolism and hormone function while boosting your mood, energy levels and bone density. 

Third, prioritise walking over long stressful cardio

Walking is the most underutilised fat loss tool there is for menopausal women.

Unlike traditional cardio walking doesn’t increase stress in your body and can be done everyday without beating up your joints and hips. 

Traditional cardio increases the stress hormones that interfere with hormone function, and lowers your metabolism…

While also making food cravings worse, and causing pain in your knees, hips and lower back.

Walking burns roughly the same amount of calories as traditional cardio without the excess stress or achy joints. 

So while menopause does change how you lose fat, it can be done with the right game plan. 

If you’re interested in having my team create a customised game plan for you to lose 8-18lbs forever…

And 2-5 inches from your waist.

…while coaching and supporting you through the whole process?