Forget About Setting Goals In 2024…

If your email inbox is anything like mine this week, you are being pummelled with email with subject lines like:

Getting back on track.

New Year, New You.

Set Your Goals For 2024.

So I wanted to highlight something really quickly as you spend this week thinking about setting goals for 2024.

We always EXPECT things to go to plan… and we’ll get there in a straight line.

But real life isn’t like that.

There is usually (always!) a dip in results, performance, effort, compliance, motivation…

The difference between what you think will/should happen and what actually happens is called The Valley Of Disappointment.

And here is how to get through that…

This bit is really profound and there are two parts to it.

Focus on systems. Not setting goals. 

It’s important to acknowledge here that winners and losers have the same goals.

We all aim for the same place.

But what is it that makes the difference between the winners who get to their goals and the losers that end up falling short?

The answer is…

The systems that are put in place by the person.

It is really important to understand this…

You don’t rise to the level of your goals.

You fall to the level of your systems.

Think about that for a minute. Read those two lines above again. 

This is exactly what will happen to you in 2024.

When work gets busy, parenting goes mad, socialising kicks in, your holiday arrive, the dog gets sick, you own parents require a bit more time and attention…

What you do will drop to the level of your training

In the case of your health and wellbeing, this means the systems you have in place, the daily habit that are ingrained.

If your system runs well, you can give your energy to focus on other things and know that when needed you can fall back on a certain level of wellbeing (training). 

And lets not beat around the bush here, this isn’t always about getting results.

You cannot be ‘getting results' 12 month of the year, this is totally unrealistic. 

When the going gets tough, life is about…Not sabotaging everything you have worked hard to achieve.

Once you understand the power of this, your main focus for 2024 should be to learn and adopt a process of daily habits (your system) that means that you never have to go on a crash diet, or do something even vaguely extreme again to get results…

You don't need to do this because you have a system in place to never lose what you have achieved.

At Plan B Fitness we call this ‘Maintenance Mode'. 

And when the going is good… you can focus on getting bigger and better results.

You can learn more about out systems here: