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Eating Healthily

5 Tips for Eating Healthily When You’re Busy

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to balance a busy lifestyle while maintaining a healthy diet.

It can be difficult to find the time and energy to keep up eating healthily.

With so many responsibilities and commitments, it can feel overwhelming to prioritise our own health and wellbeing.

However, eating a balanced diet is essential for maintaining good health and boosting your energy levels.


One simple ‘biohacking’ formula will change the way you eat forever…

Biohacking… It’s NOT a new supplement, a superfood or a fad diet.

But it IS more effective and healthier than all of those things.

Nutrition Strategies for Managing PCOS Symptoms

4 Quick Nutrition Strategies for Managing PCOS Symptoms

By understanding the role of nutrition in managing PCOS, individuals can empower themselves to make informed dietary decisions for better health and well-being.

Training in the heat

Training in the Heat: 6 Safety Tips for Training in Summer

With warmer weather, your body’s core temperature increases, and it has to work harder to regulate it. Your heart has to pump faster to deal with the stress of the temperature and your movement. I know, as if the working out wasn’t challenging enough by itself!

Remember, if you feel unwell at any time when training in the heat, step out of the sun (and the session) and get to the shade.

heart health

5 Ways To Show Your Heart Some Love

Because heart disease is the #1 killer on the planet, it’s important to do your part to keep your heart healthy, starting now!

Female fat loss

The Top 5 Foods for Faster Female Fat Loss

While there is no magic food that will melt away fat overnight, certain foods can support your fat loss goals by boosting your metabolism, regulating hormones, and reducing inflammation.

Let’s explore the top 5 foods for female fat loss and explain how they can benefit your body.

Strength Training

5 Reasons Why Women Should Add Strength Training to Their Workouts

We all know the importance of staying active and keeping our bodies healthy. But did you know that strength training could be the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving your fitness goals?

fat loss thoughts

10 Quick Fat Loss Thoughts Whilst Eating My Lunch Today…

I treated myself to lunch in a local cafe today… Poached eggs, salmon and smashed avocado if you must know! Smashed avocado is so Teddington…

Build Strength

If You Are Over 40… Build Strength First

If you are over 40, female, and peri / menopausal, your ONLY health and fitness goal should be to build strength.


5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Menopause Symptoms Overnight

After HRT (the gold standard), the next best treatment for menopause symptoms is LIFESTYLE such as regular exercise, reducing alcohol intake, a healthy diet (less processed foods) and better quality sleep.