10 Quick Fat Loss Thoughts Whilst Eating My Lunch Today…

I treated myself to lunch in a local cafe today…

Poached eggs, salmon and smashed avocado if you must know!

Smashed avocado is so Teddington and Twickenham (and West Berkshire too!). 

Anyway, whist I was waiting for it I thought I would jot down 10 fat loss thoughts that will help you navigate your health, fitness and wellbeing this Spring. 

10 Fat Loss Thoughts

1. Counting your Syns (it's a Slimming World thing – higher calorie and less nutrient-dense foods!) won’t help you stop emotional eating and is engaging in a negative through process.

It is not focusing on and celebrating the good stuff and the small wins throughout the day.

2. Saying “you don’t have time to exercise” but yet you’re sat here scrolling social media/blogs. If your dog needed exercising, you’d take him/her.

3. The majority of women gain weight each year rather than lose it, even though they attempt to lose weight multiple times… let that be a lesson about trying to be perfect Vs consistent.

4. Thinking of workouts as ‘burning calories’ is focusing on the wrong goal for the exercising you are doing. Workouts are for building strength, maintaining muscle mass, supporting body density and improving cardiovascular fitness.

5. Unless you are also tracking macros (protein, fats and carbs), stop counting calories, count portions of protein, good fats and healthy carbs on your plate instead. If you want to know how many portions of each you need, email us and ask away. 

6. Avoid drinking calories – they are empty and have no nutritional value.

7. You won’t always feel motivated. You DO feel motivated AFTER taking action though…

Action > Results > Motivation.

8. Nobody’s weight loss / fitness journey is perfect. Nobody is crushing every workout. Nobody loses weight every week. Everybody finds it difficult at some point.

9. You didn’t gain 5lbs yesterday. You might have more water in your body today from consuming more salt, carbs and sugar.

10. Walking (e.g. 8k steps a day) is underrated for reducing stress and recovery from workouts.

I hope this helps…

I think my biggest takeaway from these 10 would be… #3!