5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Menopause Symptoms Overnight


Recently we asked our followers on email what topics related to their health and fitness they'd like to learn more about.

The response was completely overwhelming!

We had over 100 topic suggestions from aches and pains to pelvic floor strength, and meal plans to menopause.

One of the most common requests for more information was about, unsurprisingly…


With our client demographic at Plan B Fitness being female with an average age of 51, we are talking about this a lot.

In fact, just last week, we were fortunate enough to host a menopause specialist on World Menopause Day to do a talk to our clients.

The feedback has been amazing.

I certainly learned a lot.

A few of my takeaways from an exercise and nutrition point of view were:

After HRT (the gold standard), the next best treatment for menopause symptoms is LIFESTYLE.

>> Regular exercise and weight loss reduces hot flushes and night sweats.

>> Adequate regular exercise (physical activity and relaxation exercise) can counter low mood and anxiety.

>> Exercise (and good sleep) can reduce the symptoms of cognitive issues related to menopause.

…Although avoid exercise too late in the day/evening to reduce symptoms of insomnia.

Other lifestyle ‘treatments' to reduce symptoms on top of regular exercise, are reducing alcohol intake, a healthy diet (less processed foods) and better quality sleep.

As was alluded to by Dr Cheng, these ‘treatments' above are no different to what Plan B Fitness preaches as the way to maintain a long term healthy lifestyle!

Some other stats that I found interesting are…

If you reduced your weight by 5kgs (if you had it to lose), hot flush symptoms can be reduced by up to 20%.

Some people gain weight of up to 10% upon starting HRT, but the effects of HRT can be so effective, that your energy levels, mood, and focus will allow you to exercise and be more active in general to reduce your weight by 10%!

This was one of the myths of HRT that Dr Cheng mentioned – HRT doesn't cause weight gain.

From a nutritional angle, menopause can cause your metabolic rate to drop by up to 10%, which can cause weight gain.

10% equates to about 200 calories per day for our client base – on average.

We knew this already, so when we calculate our client’s macronutrients, we do already account for age and probable peri / menopause and factor this into their numbers.

This is a huge reason why it is so important to work with a trainer / Personal Training company that trains clients like you and understands you and your current lifestyle.

Top Tip: Before you start working with a trainer….ask more questions! Don't assume anything about their knowledge!

Remember if you are not accessing you are guessing.

The ONLY way to work out this metabolic rate drop on a personal level is to track your nutrition so that we/you can manage and measure this.

If you’re ready to stop obsessing over every calorie on your plate and start enjoying your meals again, and know that what you eat is going to take you one step closer to…

>> Having more energy

>> Getting better quality sleep

>> Building lean muscle (more toned!)

>> Reducing belly fat storage


You would love to know exactly the right exercise to do to speed up your metabolism, and reduce the hot flushes, insomnia, anxiety, and the brain fog…

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