Why We Start With a No Sweat Intro Consultation at Plan B Fitness

What is a No Sweat Intro?

It’s our process for starting our relationship with you.

It’s a 15-30 minute chat.

It’s how all new members start their health and fitness journey at Plan B Fitness.

We are a high accountability, relationship and coaching based personal training company so it makes sense for us to get to know you first before we start helping you.

Get To Know You

We use our no-sweat intro consultation to learn about you, your past experiences with exercise and nutrition, and to understand the things that you enjoy doing, and maybe some areas of health and fitness that you are less keen on.

Understand Your Goals

We want to find out what your health, fitness and wellbeing goals are so we can help you find the best ways to reach them.

Measure Your Baseline

Together we will determine your starting point and how close you are to meeting your goals. We’ll chat about what success means to you, and what positives you have going for you already (everybody has some!) and how we can build off those even more going forward.

Make a Plan

We’ll work together to develop a plan that will work for you and fit into your lifestyle to allow you to reach your goals.

We’ll then discuss the BEST next steps for you in your fitness journey to help you get started.


The primary purpose of a no-sweat intro is to determine how we can best help you start your fitness journey. It is your launching point for your Plan B Fitness Journey!

The Plan B Fitness Difference

When most people want to start to improve their health and fitness they contact a gym.

The gym may offer them a tour, or a few free classes to see if they like it.

If you enjoyed it, they get your payment set up, and you will never have any contact with staff again, until it’s time that you want to complain or cancel the membership.

Most gyms want you to join; hope you show up at some point (but not too much as they don’t have enough equipment if all of their members showed up regularly), and at that point their job is basically finished. On to the next potential customer.

We are different from gyms and other personal training companies in a number of ways.

The first way you’ll notice we’re different is from the first time you meet us.

We will not offer you a discounted to sign up, or throw you into class without getting to know you and where you are starting from. This does not set you up for long term success.

It doesn’t matter what the other gym and PT’s in town do.

The gym down the road is not our competition. Your sofa is and your current lifestyle is.

Our first meeting will not involve any sweating.

We just want to ‘sit down’ with you and start a relationship.

We don’t plan on this to be a short term thing, so the more we know, the better we can help.

The better we help, the longer our relationship.

The longer our relationship, the more results you get and better you feel – think energy levels, mental clarity, feeling more in control, confidence, and your clothes fitting better.

What To Do Next

Have a chat with us.

It’s a 30 minute conversation.

We want to learn what your goals are, and we’d love to show you how to get there.

It’s ok to have tried other things in the past and not achieved the results you were looking for.

This just means you didn’t have the right system in place to work for you and your lifestyle, and you didn’t have the right coach in your corner to support you.

Our expert coaches will put together a plan that will give you the guidance you need to do the right thing for you, and hold you accountable to consistent with your progress.

You’ll become part of our very normal, down to earth, inclusive and fun Plan B Fitness community!

…A place that celebrates success and becomes the best hour of your day.