Low Carbs Diets Only Work If You Know This ONE Thing…

I had one of those conversations last week with a lady telling me our online fat loss programmeme would be like all the rest…

Low carb, can’t eat anything nice, doesn’t work for long…

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Anyone who has successfully lost weight knows that in order to lose the fat you have to manage your carbs…

Lowering carbohydrate intake – especially carbs like refined sugars and grains – will:

  • Lower inflammation and the bloated feeling.
  • Help control your blood sugar
  • Keep the stubborn body fat off
  • Increase your mood
  • Boost your energy
  • Sharpen your focus

…And of course get you the body you desire and deserve.

What very few people know and what you’re about to find out right now, is that a low carb diet only works if you do ONE thing. 

And here’s the most amazing part, it ends up NOT being a low carb diet…

The truth is, sticking to low carb diets is so challenging that as little as 2% of dieters actually succeed in losing the weight.

Yes, they always drop a few pounds in the first couple weeks, which is why low carb is still so popular…

Yet if you’ve ever tried a low carb diet you probably know about the inevitable cravings and binges that end up killing your progress and even forcing you to gain back all the weight and more…

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And my own research with clients (and myself!) clearly shows the downsides of regular low carb plans don’t stop there.

And that cutting carbs cold-turkey will:

  • Lower your fat-burning thyroid hormone if you are a woman.
  • Sabotage your immune system so you’re sick all the time.
  • Cause attention wrecking brain fog.
  • Mess with your sleep.
  • Kill your sex drive.
  • Wreck your energy.

And cutting your carbs will also flat line your metabolism, making it harder and harder to lose the weight…

So what is the answer?

Managing carbs is an effective weight loss strategy because it controls a hormone called insulin.

Insulin is your “storage hormone” – it is responsible for taking the foods you eat and transporting them into your cells.

Your body either uses them to burn for energy or stores them as fat.

When you eat carbohydrate foods you spike your insulin.

And that’s why everyone tells you to cut carbs in order to burn fat.

Yet what we now know is that eating your carbs at the RIGHT time tells your body to burn them for energy and use them to replenish and rejuvenate your muscles and organs.

And only when you eat the wrong carbs, in the wrong amounts and at the wrong times will your body lock fat in your cells and even store more stubborn fat.

This is EXACTLY what you will learn on our Six Week Fat Loss Transformation programmeme:

==> What to eat when – you’ll learn about Anytime Foods and Post Workout Foods.

==> The correct way to do Intermittent Fasting – the media loved 5:2 diet ISN’T the right way.

==> A proven plan to factor in and enjoy cheat meals, without sabotaging your results.

There is also, of course, the exercise programmeme that you can do at any time of day, and anywhere you like.

You don’t need access to a gym, or any equipment.

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Six Week Fat Loss Transformation programmeme:

NOW is a great time of year to focus on YOU.

Time for you to finally do what you said you were going to do this year.

…To take an hour or two back for yourself each week to do something specifically for you, and be brimming with confidence.

Just ask Gill:

“After 21 days I just feel I’ve had a massive kick-start to my system – both in terms of food and exercise.

With that has come more energy and the will to keep going in the same vein.  A great success for me and more than I was expecting!

The ‘clean and green’ mantra is now ingrained and it’s so easy to incorporate into everyday food choices.

So glad I did this and proud of myself for seeing it through and getting results I’m happy with.

It’s a great programmeme both in content and delivery.

The daily email was brilliant, motivational, and I was actually quite excited each day to see what was coming next!”

Gill – Recent Graduate of the Online programmeme.

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In just a few weeks time YOU could be writing a testimonial like that.

But only if you’re on the programmeme:

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P.S. Here is Charlie – Mother of two that dropped a dress size in 21 days.

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