The professional athlete fallacy

Most of us follow professional sport/performance to some degree…

Right now it is probably Wimbledon fortnight. 

I know that our clients participate in other sports and/or follow the ‘professionals' of their sport…

Whether that is rowing, athletics, tennis, golf, football, cricket, rugby, dancing… 

This often leads to following the current top athletes/players on TV and social media. 

Whilst it can be very entertaining to watch and follow, it often does a great disservice to you – and managing your expectations of what is achievable. 

All of these performers do a great job of marketing themselves.

You can often get a glimpse into their daily routines, training routines, and yes… how they look too.

I saw a couple of posts on social media just this week…

“Discover Emma Raducanu's 5 favourite exercises in the gym”

“Oti Mabuse's fitness regime and body confidence secrets revealed”

I am going to add to this discussion now social media fitness influencers too…

For the most part, the information contained in these posts won't be anything new, these articles usually have the same content over and over again. 

That is because the underlying principles of health doesn't change. 

Secondly, you are given information in these articles without the full story of how to implement it into your life, and often not even told WHY you should (or shouldn't) be following the advice. 

By the next week, there will be another article with someone else's top tips, and you will move on without giving last week's ‘best ever exercise' a chance! 

What is crucially important to acknowledge at this point…  

These top individuals can do things with their bodies that recreational exercisers cannot do. 

They've dedicated their whole life to be where they are today.

They more genetically gifted than the average person, and have immense natural talent.

It is their job to practice their discipline and train in the gym almost every day! 

They have people preparing a lot of their meals, and they get a lot of down time (rest) too.

The rest of us are playing an entirely different game! 

When we follow these people on TV and social media, what we are seeing is a highlights reel. 

The best shots, goals and routines, and the most photogenic exercises in the gym.

These highlights reels leads to you having unrealistic expectations of how you should perform, and worse… how you should look. 

Your attention wouldn't be kept if they showed the boring exercises, the failed dance lifts, the number of serves Emma Raducanu put into the net in practice, or one of England's Lionesses booting the ball into Row Z of the stand! 

Don't get me wrong here… these professional athletes are genuinely incredible at their discipline, and a lot of the social media influences have amazing bodies. 

But.. if a social media influencer is telling you the best exercise to do for…[body part], I would suggest looking in the opposite direction!  😉 

Why have I told you all of this today? 

Because, you ABSOLUTELY can get amazing results with your own training and diet, but it HAS to be realistic to you and your lifestyle. 

For the month of July, I am going to give you some realistic advice that our clients at Plan B Fitness are implementing every single day to great effect.

Information that will actually get you the results you want this summer. 

What is your Summer Plan?

Do you have a plan for keeping your health and fitness on track over the next few months as summer holidays and other summer social engagements kick in? 

We have just launched a special summer programme to keep you on track…

We know you will probably be going abroad or on a stay-cation over the next few months. 

And a lot of you will be impacted by child care when the school break up. 

So our new special summer programme factors in these disruptions to your fitness plans.

For the next 14 days, you can join our famous Six Week Wellbeing Programme with a 25% discount.

What is included:

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Full nutritional guidelines (200+ recipes, meal planners, holiday eating out guide).

Personalised nutrition plan (based on your age, weight, goals and activity levels).

– ‘On Demand' library of over 100 downloadable workouts – do any time and anywhere. 

Support and camaraderie – from our coaches and other clients.

Weekly Coach Progress Check Ins – priceless! 

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This is factoring in that you will be away/busy with other social/family events at times in July and August.

If you don't need to miss a full two weeks over the course of the six week programme, then it is bonus time for you! 

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