What result will I get?     

Let me set the scene…

Monday morning 6:01am and Jessica comes running into her training session and shouts with GLEE… “I put on a pound… what a result” (said in a Love Island ‘I’ve got a text’ kind of way!).

Come on, stop pretending you don’t understand the Love Island reference! 😉

Jess was delighted that she has ONLY put on 1lb of weight (on the scales) after her 10 day summer holiday.

I explained in a recent email that to put on one pound you would need to consume 3,500 calories more that you usually eat.

So if you have put on significantly more weight whilst on holiday, it is almost certainly water retention, hormones, bloat etc… not actually real weight.

And even if the formula of 3500 calories equalling 1lb of fat loss/gain held true forever and you finished every day with a 500 calorie deficit/excess…

That would lead to loss/gain of 1lb a week and 52lbs a year, 208lbs in 4 years.

(208lbs = 94 kgs / 15 stone)

People would start weighing in the negative lbs if this were true.

Or become the size of a small car!

So… this leads me to a question that we get ALL THE TIME!

What result can I expect from your programmes?

That’s a very individualised question/answer, however…

If you were (strength) training consistently three times a week, and eating a sensible and nutritious diet, and working on your sleep quality, then…

Generally, after two weeks, you’d start to see a drop in your measurements (waist, hips, thighs).

After three weeks, you MIGHT see a downwards trend on the scales, but this can be levelled out by building muscle if you're training correctly.

(At this stage, as long as one or more of the measurement is trending down, the programme is working, whatever the scales say, as inch loss = fat loss).

At four weeks, you’ll start to see a result change in progress photos (which is why it is SO important to take these at the start of a new programme – front, back and each side – ideally with abdominal area and lower back visible).

By 6-8 weeks, YOU will start to notice a change in the mirror.  This is also when you will start to significantly notice where your clothes are feeling looser.

And in other news…

After just one day of eating better and moving more, you’ll see an increase in brain function and boosted mood.

By the end of week one, increased energy levels, and feeling healthier.

After four weeks, increased metabolism, changes in muscle mass and overall fitness (feeling fitter and stronger).

At six weeks, just to remind you… it’s the see-it-in-the-mirror results.

After three months… the compliments from friends come flooding in, oh and your heart will be significantly healthier.

After one year… Increased life expectancy, better bone density and a massive boost in long term mental health.

v v v v

Your reason for starting a new programme this September shouldn’t be about the number on the scales.

Because the numbers on the scales are completely flawed and the scales don’t know whether they are weighing a human or a suitcase.

Your reason for making the decision to get started should be ALL to do with physical and mental health, increased energy levels, better sleep, more confidence and increasing life expectancy.

I will leave you with this quote…

“Now that I am overweight, have osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease, I wish I had done less exercise and eaten less real food before I was 40…”

– Said no one ever!

The best time to start working on your health and fitness was yesterday! 

But tomorrow works just as well!

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