Why it is ‘easy’ to drop the first 10lbs, but really hard to drop the last few…

Here’s the problem almost everyone has with getting in the best shape of their life.

It usually happens like this:

You go on a diet, eating less.

You start losing weight.

Things are good for a bit.

You lose 5 pounds.

Ten pounds.

Maybe 15…

But then something happens.

Things slow down.

Then they STOP completely.

You look at the calendar and realise that it took you the same amount of time to lose the first 12 pounds as it did to lose the last 3!

At this rate, you’ll be dieting for another YEAR before you lose those last 5 pounds hanging out around your midsection.

Thankfully, it does NOT have to be that way.

In fact, not only is it possible to lose those last few pounds in just WEEKS…

…it’s actually possible to lose those stubborn pounds directly from your trouble areas, like love handles, belly, or hips.

Before I tell you how… haven’t you ever wondered WHY fat loss slows down so much?

Why is it “easy” to lose the first 10-15 pounds and impossible to lose the last few?

The answer:


Here’s the deal:

When you start losing body fat, you create a hormonal shift in your body.

Specifically, a hormone called leptin starts to decrease when you lose fat.

Leptin is a “master” hormone which basically controls how quickly you’re able to lose fat.

The higher your leptin levels are, the FASTER you can lose fat.

The lower they are… well, not so much.

Leptin is produced in your fat cells, so the more fat you have, the higher your levels are… meaning the faster you can lose fat.

On the other hand… the LESS fat you have… the slower fat loss happens.

And THAT is why fat loss slows down.

v v v v v

Oh, and to make matters worse…

Leptin levels are ALSO influenced by your caloric intake:

The less you eat, the faster they drop.

And when do you eat less?

When you’re trying to lose fat, of course!

Meaning your body is basically hardwired to hold onto fat.

ESPECIALLY those last few pounds.

All of which to say, when it comes down to it…

Suppressed leptin is the #1 reason fat loss stops.

This begs the question: how do we fix it?

Hormonal Optimisation

The key to RE-STARTING your fat loss is all about optimising your hormones.

In the case of what we just discussed, you NEED to keep leptin levels from falling too much.

But you also want to address hormones like insulin, cortisol, and oestrogen.

Because these hormones are responsible for WHERE you store the fat.

…If you store a lot of fat in your love handles, for example, you’ve got poor insulin management…

…If you store fat on your hips, thighs and bum, it’s a oestrogen imbalance…

v v v v

How do we create hormonal optimisation?

Well… like anything else: diet and exercise.

Now, that sounds over simplified.

Yet what if I told you there was actually a VERY simple way to eat that would create the IDEAL leptin reaction?

A way to make sure that calories would be low enough to make sure you were burning fat… yet not so low leptin levels would crash?

And what if I told you there were specific TYPES of exercise that would allow you fight insulin, or cortisol, or oestrogen… thereby eliminating “trouble area” fat?

Well, there is.

And this is foundation of our Six Week Transformation Challenge

What you’ll learn…

==> Nutritional Guidelines teaching you how to master clean eating in the shortest possible time, discovering which foods you should avoid to prevent belly fat storage.

==> Three super simple and short workouts each week that will flatten your stomach and tone your thighs, even if you hate exercise.

==> Learn the advanced ‘cheat meal’ technique that allows busy ladies with kids and/or who work full time to drop over a clothes size in just the first 21 days, using my simple, easy to follow cheat meal plan.

==> Develop life-long techniques for NEVER having to go on a diet again, including why ‘eating less’ is actually making you fatter.

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