The key to getting results now that your motivation is fading…

…4% of new gym members will have quit by the end of Jan.

…14% by the end of February.

But why…?

First of all…

Q) Why do people join the gym or any other exercise programme, or start a diet, in the first place?

In a word… MOTIVATION.

You are motivated to change.

Motivated to feel better, look better, weigh less, be faster, fitter, stronger.

Whatever your reason, at that point in time, you were motivated to start.

However, if you look at someone who is at the pinnacle of their sport or profession, maybe 1% of their success or their formula for success is down to motivation.

Successful people don’t need motivation.


Discipline is about getting ‘it’ done because it needs to be done.

Not because you feel like it.

Not because you are motivated for it.

Discipline is the key that will allow you to succeed this year…

Long after your January motivation fades.

The time for relying on motivation is over.

If you look at Olympic athletes, they train a huge amount (unsurprisingly!).

Simone Biles has said she ‘trained’ for 32 hours every week.

Michael Phelps trained ‘every day for 3-6 hours’.

At the 2012 Olympics, it was calculated that the top competitors in most disciplines completed 10,000 hours of practice.

It was also calculated that to make an Olympic team, 4-8 years of training in a specific discipline was required.

Do you think that all of these athletes were ‘motivated’ for every one of those 10,000 hours, or every day for four years?


Definitely not.

It was discipline that got them there.

Another amazing statistic that is VERY RELEVANT to you right now is…

18% of success was put down to training…for top athletes.

So what is the other 82%?

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration

Their words, not mine.

Chris Hoy (legendary GB track cyclist) had a motto that was:


So as we leave January behind us, let’s focus on what is going to be important for you in February and beyond to get the results you want this year…


Consistency is everything.

Being good consistently is far better than being perfect inconsistently.

Read that line above again.

That is why at Plan B Fitness teach you a series of ‘good' daily habits on our programmes.


Again, consistency is the key here.

Your body doesn’t get stronger and leaner during your workouts.

It repairs its self and rejuvenates during your down time, and specifically when you are asleep.

Staying up all night working, or binging on Netflix, is reducing the impact of your precious time spent training.

Be consistent with your night time routine.

Get to bed at a decent time.

Wake up earlier if needed.

That is far better than staying up late.


You can not out train a bad diet.

Your body craves nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Even more so if you are training.

It doesn’t crave a massive reduction in these (and calories) through dieting and being left in a state of stress (fight or flight mode) from not having enough of what it needs to perform and survive.

Being in this state for too long will actually lead to fat retention – not the fat loss that the reduction in calories was intended to achieve.


The fact that this is separate from nutrition shows how vital it is as a component of health and performance.

Around 89% of the population don't drink enough water, with 20% of men and 13% of women drinking no water whatsoever during the day.

Poor hydration is more common in those aged over 55, with 25% admitting to not drinking water during the day.

Quite simply put, dehydration causes physically and mental damage to your health.

You don’t have to get this perfect all the time – unless you are aiming to be an Olympic athlete – but…

Success Leaves Clues.

I said it earlier, and I will finish with it today…

Discipline is the key that will allow you to succeed this year… long after your January motivation fades.

If your motivation is starting to fade, let's have a chat to see how we can help you stop relying on motivation, and start create some good daily habits that lead to better long term discipline…

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