If you don’t want to burn body fat, there is no need to read this blog…

Losing body fat is a two step process. 

1. You have to remove fat from the fat cells.

2. Then you have to burn fat for energy.

You don’t just ‘burn fat’ – there is a process to it.

Part 1 – Breakdown

Body fat is stored in fat cells. 

The first part of the equation is to break down stored body fat

Lipolysis is the term that describes the breakdown of body fat. 

Fat cells are broken down by eating in a controlled calorie deficit.

This means your input of calories has to be less than your output on a daily basis. 

In simple terms, you need to be eating nutrient dense whole foods (that are naturally lower in calories), and avoiding calorie dense processed foods (packed full of sugar). 

Part 2 – Burn

When you have broken down the fat cells they are transported to the muscle cells to be ‘burned’ for energy.

To burn the calories for energy we need to increase our energy expenditure.

There are many ways to increase our energy expenditure, mainly through more movement (e.g. exercise). 

The more you do (time) and the intensity you move at (effort) both have an impact on this. 

It takes two…

This is why dieting alone is not an efficient way to burn body fat. 

Eating in an extreme calorie deficit will lead to weight loss – but not necessarily fat loss. 

This is also why you cannot out train a bad diet.

If your fat cells are not released to be burned (because you are eating more than you burn), you will just use stored muscle, not body fat, for fuel. 

If you want to build a healthier, stronger and leaner physique, you HAVE to be doing both parts of this process. 

1. Eating in a calorie deficit to cause fat to be broken down. 

2. Exercising to ensure that this liberate fat is burned for energy needs. 

It is SO important to have both the breakdown and the burning of the fat. 

This is why at Plan B Fitness we don’t just offer exercise classes. 

We also don’t just sell meal plans. 

We would be doing our clients a disservice if we did. 

The third element to all of this is of course coaching…

And of course, accountability. 

They say knowledge is power, but without action it is nothing

As Pablo Picasso said:

“Action is the foundational key to all success”

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