How Erin dropped two dress sizes WITHOUT giving up her favourite foods…

I wanted to tell you a little fell good story today…

It's about how Erin managed to drop two dress sizes, feel more confident and boost her energy levels WITHOUT having to give up her favourite foods…

Or deprive herself of anything she enjoyed.

Erin had always struggled with finding the time to exercise, never knew what to eat to achieve her goals, and was ‘done in' with so much conflicting and confusing information out there.

She’d tried a ‘detox’, joined a gym and even done an extreme 600 calorie a day ‘shake diet’.

Which to be honest, just led to her feeling so low on energy, hangry, and frustrated at paying for the gym membership and never going.

And the advice she'd been given so far… was ridiculous!

>> Do lots of endless slow paced cardio.

>> Keep reducing the calories.

>> Remove certain food groups from the diet entirely.

For a start, slow paced cardio will do NOTHING for revving up your metabolism, or building lean, healthy (and vital) muscle.

Endlessly reducing the calories will slow down the metabolism even more, and require you to rely on Olympic levels of willpower not to give in to hunger and cravings.

And removing food groups is depriving the body of vital nutrients and minerals that it needs for long term health.

And this is the KEY thing here.

How to drop a dress size…

What Erin really needed was this:

Structure resistance training to regain and maintain lost muscle (through age and lack of physical activity), so that she started feeling stronger and more toned.

Flooding her body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients through eating a variety (and lots) of healthy food so that her body could thrive, feel energised and allow it to start burning fat for fuel.

And crucially, it is so important to have camaraderie from being part of a group of like minded and supportive other women to make the process of change fun and enjoyable, and not feel like a chore or lonely journey.

Add in the accountability from a team of coaches and client support specialists…

Then, and only then, could Erin achieve long-lasting health, wellbeing and happiness (oh.. and the disappearing clothes sizes!).

And that’s exactly what we gave her inside our Six Week Wellbeing Programme.

Through the combination of personalised training, tailored nutrition planning, and the online and offline support from a team of experts…

Erin had the structure and focus to lose 64lbs (sixty four!)and over 5 inches from her waist… and keep it off! 

And now?

Now Erin has more energy, sleeps better, feels more in control of her eating at home and socially, and knows she is healthier, fitter and more confident than she has been in 20 years.

If you’re ready to kick start 2023 by dropping a dress size, boosting your energy levels, and enjoy the process without the hassle of trying and failing all over again…

Simply click on the correct link below, and book a call BEFORE Christmas (I still have a few slots left)… 

I can walk you through our step-by-step approach and answer any questions in real time.

Then… you can relax over Christmas, knowing that your plan for getting the results you want in January (and beyond) is locked in and deal with. 

How good would that feel? 

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