The remarkable cost of not exercising consistently…

This morning I was having a chat with a client who's worried about the cost of her not exercising consistently enough over the festive period.

As you'll know we have a saying at Plan B Fitness…

“It's not what you do between Christmas and New Year that counts, it's what you do between New Year and Christmas that matters…”

She's not worried about putting on weight or a few lbs, she's ok with that as she knows about our saying above… 

What she is worried about is that when you stop exercising, or are not exercising consistently enough… 

The cost of not exercising consistently enough

Your energy levels will be so low.

You mood will be lower.

Your body will become sluggish and the daily aches, pains and stiffness will become your new norm.

I speak to 10’s if not 100’s of women with families, careers and a life (!) every month and they all say the same thing…

“I really want to workout more often but whatever I try just doesn’t stick”

The reality with your body is ‘use it or lose it’, and the older you get the more that saying comes into play. 

The reason you should be exercising is NOT to burn calories.

It is to maintain healthy muscle mass and increase bone density, and stop the rot when it comes to reducing flexibility and mobility…

So that your body feels stronger, healthier and keeps working for you as you age.

If you are not moving your body sufficiently every single day, you will develop stiffness, back pain, shoulder pain, and tight hips very rapidly – the lockdowns proved this to us.

Sound familiar?

If so… it is essential that you find an exercise plan that works for you.

One that involves resistance training (not just boring cardio).

That includes mobility and flexibility elements.

That has efficient and effective training sessions that don’t take up hours of your day and are at times that are convenient for your lifestyle.

…and that are fun and enjoyable!

If you are going to stick to this and make it a lifestyle choice, it needs to be done in a supportive environment with coaches and other participants that you enjoy spending time with.

Don’t try to work it all out on your own… that is a very lonely journey and one that is certain to fail very fast.

Now if you’re truly ready to see what’s possible with a tailored training programme, where every element is designed around you and your lifestyle…

If you’re ready to be coached to…

>> More energy

>> Dropping a dress size.

>> Boosting your confidence in the quickest time possible.

…WITHOUT giving up your lifestyle.

And finally finding something which you can stick to… 

Talk soon,


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